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Project Management, Project Business Management, and Certification

The One-Stop Shop for Project Business

Successful managers know: Project business involves more than just project management. 

After all, it's about money. A lot of money.

We bring the mindset and instruments of modern project business management. We add certification as a door opener for new business and offer additional services.

In doing so, we replace learning by trial and error with analysis and help, because in project business, trial is expensive and error even more.

Oliver F. Lehmann, MSc, ACE, PMP

Oliver F. Lehmann

Trainer for project management and project business management. Speaker, writer, expert.

Volunteer at the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and the President of the Project Business Foundation.


Antje Lehmann-Banz, MA, ACE, PMP

Antje Lehmann-Benz

A highly experienced trainer, seasoned in "traditional" approaches, but with a focus on agile methods and their implementation in project business.

For many years a volunteer for Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Project Business Foundation.


Herbert Gonder, MSc, ACE, PMP

Herbert Gonder

Trainer with a long service history, located in Europe and Asia. Focus on certification and project business.

Volunteer at the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Past President of the PMI Southern Germany Chapter.


In Focus: Your Business

As trainers, we do corporate seminars. 

Of course, we have standard seminars for certifications as well as for tools and techniques.

But the business we love most are custom-developed curricula meeting the specific requirements, wants, and needs of the organization that hired us. By combining fun and insights, this is where we can achieve the highest benefit for companies in project business.


Companies rightly want to know whether trainers are worth the money before entrusting them with staff training. The burden of evidence is on the trainers. 

So, let's prove it.

The Portfolios:

Business Success

Not surprisingly, the various players in project business have different business interests and therefore different views on success.

But they have many common goals too:

  • Project results that bring benefits, joy, and pride to shareholders and other stakeholders.

  • Outcomes that ease winning and performing follow-up business

  • A relationship built on mutual trust and good faith.

Being proficient in project management is essential for the people involved, but so is having a business-oriented mindset.

Count on us to develop it.

Let's talk! 

Preparing for Certifications

Certification increases the standing of project managers in project business.

It signals professionalism, mastery of terminology, and belonging to a profession.

We prepare for the most sought-after certifications on the market, such as PMP© and ACE©. Choose the ones that bring the most value to your project business.