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Project Business Management

The Project Business Foundation

The Project Business Foundation has free resources that help project managers grow knowledge and skills in the specific knowledge domains of Project Business Management:

  • Business relationship management
  • Financial management
  • Legal management

ACE Qualification for Skill Builders

The ACE program certifies knowledge and professionalism of consultants, trainers, coaches, and more in Project Business Management.

During the ACE program, candidates are guided through a self-paced and self-directed process with the certificate at the end.

We help consultancies and education providers make their staff proficient in Project Business Management.


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Common Language First

Misunderstandings hurt project achievements and business bottomlines.

They are among the most common reasons for troubles in Project Business.

One reason for misunderstandings is the insufficient training of the people involved. Another reason has been the lack of a binding vocabulary that those involved can agree on.

The Project Business Glossary closes this gap.

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Your Studies Begins Here

The Project Business Study Book is the most accessible entry to Project Business Management. 

It lays down the core aspects of this discipline, such as roles, rules, the overall lifecycle, and addresses essential relational, financial, and legal matters.

An extended version of the Project Business Study Book is used for the seminars of the Project Business Academy,

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