Methods, Tools, and Techniques Seminars

Project Management, Project Business Management
Classroom - Virtual - Hybrid

Practice Introduction to Managing Projects 

This seminar (two or three days) introduces beginners and team members to the essentials of project management.

With a focus on time management, it uses group exercices to help attendees understand the challenges and apply first basic methods.


Managing Projects as Profit Centers

Managing a project as a profit center for a vendor organization under contract comes with specific responsibilities and risks.

In this 2-day seminar, project managers pick up more for success than just some tools and techniques: 

  • The project business mindset
  • Business acumen
  • Business spirit.


Specific Training

There are reasons that you need a custom-developed training and/or coaching for your project managers: You may have a special challenge that must be addressed. Or, your Project Management Office (PMO) has developed a methodology with guidelines, templates, forms, software, etc. that your project managers need to be educated in. Let's talk, how we can help you.


Project Business the Agile Way

Agile methods have been in use in cross-corporate project business for a long time, but there are caveats for this applications. The core problem is a gap in agile theory: It focusses solely on internal projects and disregards the needs of cross-corporate implementation.

The seminar raises risk awareness for the attendees and helps them increase the success for the organization and the project.


Managing Project Supply Networks

More and more project work is outsourced to contractors. Similar to supply chains in manufacturing and services, this leads to complex project supply networks (PSNs). This 2-day seminar introduces to the management of contractors to ensure that goods and services comply with what has been ordered and is worth the money spent.


Software Tools for Project Business

The management of cross-corporate Project Business can benefit strongly from the use of software in aspects. 

Let us help your team make more from solutions such as Microsoft Project, Cora PPP, Jira, Confluence, etc. by bringing together well-hidden software functionality with the needs of project (business) management.


Training contents (Examples)

  • Cash-flow analysis and projection in customer projects
  • Cross-corporate communications, documentation, & decision making
  • Consolidation of contractor plans into a customer-side masterplan

Risk Management in Project Business

Project Business is high-risk business for all parties involved. The stakes are high, when organizations tap into the assets of other organizations and turn them into project resources. 

This 1-day workshop raises awareness for the risks and introduces to solutions that ensure that mission success comes first.


Success Formulas for Prime Contractors

Prime contractors face the highest challenge in project business.

Sandwiched between demanding customers and cash-hungry subcontractors, prime contractor business can be profitable and joyful. Or a step away from insolvency, when the cash flow gets out of balance.

As key players in Project Supply Networks (PSNs), project managers for prime contractors need a mindset to manage business risks and opportunities. Our 3-day interactive workshop helps develop that.