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Our core service is training. 

We are trainers with a cumulated experience of over a half century, and we cover all topics in Project Management and - as a specialty - Project Business Management. As a focus, we train methods as well as tools and techniques and prepare candidates for certifications.

However, when customers ask us to do more, we comply. Below are some of the things we also do.

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We Manage Your Qualification Project

Utilize our experience in training management. We help perform qualification projects, from smal initiatives to large programs. We support activities such as:

  • Development and implementation of a corporate methodology ("PMO on demand")
  • Performing an in-depth training needs analysis
  • Aligning training objectives with the corporate mission
  • Engaging with attendees and their managers
  • Finding, selecting, and managing training providers as contractors
  • Monitoring and controlling education results against key success metrics
  • Obtaining and processing feedback from attendees and other stakeholders

Project Business Assessment Centers

Project business is different from bookstore business. Or yoga center business. Project business is high-risk business. Does your organization have the right people to manage it?

People with a profound understanding of project management methods? With business acumen and business spirit, able to call upon the behaviors that lead to success in ever-changing situations?

Congratulations, if you can answer these questions with yes. Nothing can stop you and your success in project business management.

However, if you are uncertain where the weak spots are, let's talk about performing an assessment center to find them. We use proven instruments provided by the Connective Leadership Institute to measure your team members' achieving styles and identify where they need help.

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The Winning Team Culture

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" (Peter F. Drucker)

An excellent winning strategy in project business is essential, but it will fail without a supportive project business culture,  beginning on management level and permeating all your customer-facing and internal teams.

Together, we can take the lead and develop this culture.

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Workplace Coaching

In one-to-one settings, we help your employees master the daily challenges and take them to grow professionally.

Workplace coaching can be done physically on site or virtually using a conferencing solution.

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Structured Coaching

Structured coaching is also done in a one-to-one setting, however, there is a specially developed curriculum developed that the attendees undergo.

Structured coaching can also be done physically on site or virtually using a conferencing solution.

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You are looking for a keynote speaker? Passionate and inspiring, but also with depth of content?

We have years of experience in doing presentational speeches at global congresses and conferences that are both entertaining and insightful.

We speak at internal events in organizations, but also at public congresses.

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Speaking at Your Congress

Project Business Healing Day

Turning contract parties into project partners.

A service provided jointly with the Project Business Foundation. Customers and contractors in project business management meet for a facilitated one-day workshop to discuss problems and issues and then identify ways for better cooperation and collaboration.


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Project Management "Health Check"

Project management audits, also called "health checks", are another service provided jointly with the Project Business Foundation.

Poor project management on the side of you contractor or customer can drive your project business into troubles and jeopardize the project. Health checks help by uncovering weak spots and uinsufficiencies before they damage the project.


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External Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, or Kanban Champion

Scrum roles on demand: On-premise - remote - hybrid

Key roles in agile frameworks and methods such as Scrum and Kanban are servant-leaders, who orchestrate their practical implementation, ensuring maximum benefit for the project and the organizations involved.

With practical experience in these roles, we know the opportunities they bring and their caveats when applied in a corporate environment.

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Active Support

On a temporary basis, you need a project (business) manager? Or a PMO manager to fill a position that has been vacated? 

Somebody who can take over the role swiftly and help your project proceed and your organization meet contractual and legal goals?

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Specific Services

You have a challenge that cannot be met by the offerings described here? You need a capable partner to respond to a specific concern, issue, or challenge?

We are happy to listen and to develop a solution for you.

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